Under Pressure!

As the season begins to slowly come to a close, the focus level of my team has become increasingly better. My team understands that topnotch performance is essential in every practice, game, period and shift. It’s with this idea in mind, I feel as though the last week of hockey leading into the state championships will be a very stressful yet productive time period. 

Having practiced extremely hard the past five months I feel like my team will be ready for any unexpected occurrences in playoffs. As a family we have endured many successes as well as failures, which provides us with learning experiences that should, without a doubt, help with winning state championships. Despite the feeling of productivity in the last week, stress will play a major role in the performance of the team. Dealing with stresses is a common occurrence for people in hockey as well as outside of hockey. Being in an environment such as Culver where academics out weighs athletics, can cause stresses such as keeping grades up in class. 

The last week of the season, leading into the state championships can throw many different unexpected occurrences that unprepared teams may have a struggle bypassing. Having the feeling of preparedness and productivity in my team I feel like whatever stresses or curves slid our way will not affect us to the point of failure.  Ever onward to victory!

About The Author

Jonathan Irving currently plays hockey at Culver Military Academy in Indiana, U.S.A. Joining Culver because of their stellar education, Irving is balancing life as a student-athlete while living away from his home in Canada. CONTINUE

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