Spring Hockey Attire — 5 Tips To Keep You Warm At The Rink When You’re Suited Up For Sunshine

With the arrival of spring (and spring hockey), it’s time to swap winter wear for lighter, sunnier attire. Hurray! But don’t go packing away all your mittens and sweaters just yet. While the mercury may slowly be on the rise outdoors, the only heat you’ll find inside at your local hockey arena is on the ice.

Stepping into an icy rink when you’re dressed for spring is bitter-sweet — there’s nothing like being able to see your breath while wearing a pair of golf shorts and flip flops! Take a stand against the big chill with these 5 tips guaranteed to keep you warm, toasty and focused on the game at hand:

Wear layers

The ice arena is usually kept at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be quite chilly for those sitting in the stands — especially anyone wearing insufficient garb like shorts, tank tops or t-shirts. However, you don’t want to overdress to avoid melting once you step outside the rink. This is why it is key to layer, layer, and layer. Stash an extra wool or fleece sweater in the back of your car for those times when you need a little extra heat.

Say it with a blanket

Snuggle in style with this super-soft, toasty warm Stadium Blanket, which features a variety of fun hockey sayings and images to choose from like ‘peace, love, hockey,’ or ‘It’s payday, I got a check for you.’ The 50″ by 50″ machine washable throw is light-weight and folds nicely, making it easy to pack away in a tote or your car. It’s even big enough to share. Fly Hockey’s two-in-one Stadium Seat & Blanket is another way to stay cozy and comfortable in the stands without breaking a sweat. This great little fleece blanket — available in a variety of colours — zips up into a convenient carrying case and a super soft stadium seat cushion. Double score!

Drink something hot

You know that moment of bliss when you take of a sip of hot chocolate and feel that fleeting warmth in your stomach and hands as you cradle the cup? It’s no wonder that hot chocolate is a classic concession choice at any hockey arena. For the calorie conscious — a nice cuppa tea or coffee will also do the trick. Bottoms up, but sip slowly to make that feeling of warmth last!

Score a hat trick

They say most of your body heat is lost through your head, which is why a hat is an ideal way to stay warm. Even something as simple as a baseball cap or toque will do the trick. Show a little love and loyalty to your favourite team by sporting a lid with their logo. Check with your local hockey shop as they will likely already have the logo on file.

Heat things up

With the flowers in bloom and sunny skies above, it can be hard to fathom wearing mittens in the spring. However, you’ll be glad you brought a pair to the rink once the chill sets in. For those who want to update their Facebook page or Twitter account with the happenings of the game, fingerless gloves/mittens are the way to go. Another option is to have some Little Hotties Hand Warmers handy. These hand warmers, which last for up to eight hours, are perfect for the player or parent who needs some extra warmth in the stands or locker room. Just give them a little squeeze and voila — instant heat.

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