Quick and Easy 5-minute Dinner

With today’s busy schedules, a balanced dinner can be dropped just about as quick as a puck at centre ice. 

Yet when it comes to the physical demands of an anaerobic sport, such as hockey, an athlete’s performance can easily lose its lustre by skipping a complete meal. In fact, a skipped meal puts an athlete at risk of injury and, without a fully-loaded, energized liver, the body will be forced to burn muscle mass for energy. 

Because of this — and the fact that hockey families are always on the go — it’s crucial to have some great healthy, quick and easy recipes at our finger tips. Below is a recipe that not only takes five minutes to make, it includes some fantastic SUPER FOODS to help balance hormones and enhance health and sports performance — without your young athlete even knowing it! 

Tip 1: When making any meal (quick or otherwise) always be sure to keep it “balanced” with the proper protein to carbohydrate to fat ratio — protein from lean meats and fish: 30%, carbohydrates: 50%, essential fat: 20%.

Tip 2: If you want to know what to (and what not to) keep in your pantry to help you prepare quick, convenient and healthy meals, check out this Nutrition Chef video on Healthy Power TV.

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Alex Fioroni is a nutrition specialist, a product developer and the founder of the Simple Nutrition Meal Program, The Nutrition Chef show on Healthy Power TV and various nutrition programs for major companies. Originally from Sarnia...CONTINUE.

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