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One Million Skates

One Million Skates (OMS) — a division of One Million Skates Sports Media Ltd. — is a dynamic, new online lifestyle magazine dedicated to North America’s passionate, on-the-go minor hockey families.
Celebrating the history and tradition of “the greatest game on earth,” this one-of-a-kind new-media resource features inspiring editorial content, practical lifestyle information and unique tools and resources to help players and their families, coaches, associations and communities experience the most rewarding hockey experience possible.

On the Fly

On the Fly features articles relevant to the unique hockey family lifestyle.

Once Weekly – The “Kitchen”

  • The Kitchen: A play on the hockey term “getting in one’s kitchen” (hockey space), this department highlights high-performance nutrition, as well as healthy, fun and practical recipe ideas for quick family dinners, on-the-go snacks, seasonal cooking and special occasions.

Once Weekly (stories alternate between the following sections)

  • The Clock: Practical time management, scheduling and organization tips, as well as health and well-being articles related to the on-the-go lifestyle of busy hockey families.
  • Overtime: A regular feature highlighting fun, practical and inspiring information, tips and ideas for unique off-ice activities and memorable “après hockey” leisure pursuits.
  • In the Corner: One of the most challenging and dangerous spots on the ice, “In the Corner” explores topics relating to issues and controversial subjects that affect players and the minor hockey community.
  • Rink Rats: A special feature highlighting the coolest and latest must-have, unique, useful and fun products for in and around the rink.

Inside Edge

Tapping into the competitive side of hockey, Inside Edge focuses on player and skill development, technical information, sports parenting and insights from subject experts and industry professionals.

Once Weekly (stories alternate between the following sections)

  • Best Skate: Forward: Articles, videos, tips, stories and how-tos on improving hockey skills, ascending the hockey ranks, game strategy and education, as well as on equipment purchase, care and maintenance.
  • Pro: Information, tips and advice from leading subject experts, including sports parenting professionals, medical specialists, sports dietitians, psychologists and trainers, as well as professional players, coaches and administrators.

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