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Meeting the parents is sometimes a daunting task, and as the season approaches, I felt would be appropriate to share tips for coaches to run effective parent-coach meetings. A good parent-coach meeting is critical to a successful season. It also adheres to the “Sportsmanship starts in the stands” initiative to focus on positive behaviour in the stands sanctioning all minor hockey associations to hold parent meetings to address policies, procedures and code of conduct expectations.

Below is an outline of key points that all coaches should cover in their parent meeting you should hold within a few days of team formation to set the building blocks for the season.

1. Review coaches background – experience, coaching certification, clinics
2. Coaches philosophy/expectations
3. Discuss yearly plan – seasonal plan (practices, games, tournies planned, skill development)
4. Optional travel tournaments to vote on
5. Fundraising ideas (if opt for fundraising vs. issuing cheques)
6. Volunteers (jersey, snacks, managers, treasurer, tournament coordinator etc.)
7. Initial fundraising needed (flow-thru to get team bank account setup)
8. Fair play/contracts and ground rules – In British Columbia Peewee and up have players agree on discipline code of conduct contracts that will be part of Sportsmanship in the Stands initiative.
9. Time to be at the rink for games and practices as well as dress code
10. Contacts if sick/other commitments unable to play a game
11. Bullying/hazing/harassment policy – zero tolerance
12. Dressing room (parents permitted yes/no, when?)
13. Priorities – family 1st, school 2nd, sports 3rd
14. Goal setting for players and parents

See you at the rink.

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