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Hockey Education Reaching Out Society (HEROS) celebrates ice hockey while giving an opportunity for young people to grow while learning life and hockey skills. Personal growth and success off of the ice isn’t reserved for the participants though. Meet Madeline, a long standing HEROS Volunteer Mentor who has achieved academic and personal success during her HEROS journey.

08.27.2013_Hometown-HEROS-insertMadeline started with HEROS while she was in Grade 10 at the Britannia Arena in Vancouver. As a student from the Britannia Hockey Academy, Madeline’s coach introduced her to Norm and the HEROS program, encouraging her to volunteer. As volunteer hours were a requirement during high school, Madeline chose to put in her hours with HEROS. After her first year, with her required hours completed, Madeline elected to continue as she says “spending time with the kids was too much fun!”. After completing high school, Madeline continued to volunteer with HEROS as a Mentor while attending Capilano University. 

Madeline transferred to the University of Montreal to continue her Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in a francophone environment. Upon arriving in Montreal, Madeline continued her role as a Mentor with the Montreal HEROS program, located in the Ahuntsic region of Montreal working with high school aged students. This past season, Madeline moved into the role of Program Coordinator. Madeline is always smiling and positive, and is easily able to quickly build a strong connection with the HEROS in Montreal. 

Madeline’s long term goal is to become a teacher in Vancouver. “I’ve enjoyed being a part of HEROS, encouraging and supporting the kids to persevere with their aspirations, both academic and personal. I believe that a program like HEROS is crucial to our communities, helping all involved, HEROS, mentors and leaders alike. I look forward to continue working and volunteering with HEROS, whether in Montreal or in Vancouver!”

For more information on HEROS or to get involved visit the website oldsite.heroshockey.com.

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