Hockey Makes You Employable

Summer job season is upon us. Maybe you already have something lined up but there are still plenty of high school students pounding the pavement. This might even be the summer you get your first job. Need something to put on your resume? Don’t worry about it! Now’s the time to put your years playing minor hockey to use in “the real world.”

Whether you are in the midst of your junior hockey career or just played up to PeeWee, you can draw on those experiences when you need something to talk about in job interviews. Here are some lessons learned in minor hockey that your employer will appreciate.

Discipline. You ponied up and woke up at 6 AM for all those early practices in a freezing rink. Clearly, you can be depended on to show up on time and get the job done. This speaks volumes to employers.

Teamwork. You learned to work with other people, whether it was winning a championship or making consistent passes. You know how to cooperate, respect your teammates and communicate well. Everyone’s looking to hire people who can get along and make things smoother for everyone in the work place.

Drive. You gave your all out on the ice and put in the work sharpening your skills. You’re committed to performing well and getting as far as you can go.

Of course, all of this applies to any sport or team effort you’ve been involved in. Interviewers like to ask you to describe “a time when you overcame a challenge” or “how you react to stress” so try to think of some specific examples.

If anyone has more advice, feel free to sound off in the comments. Best of luck and happy hunting!

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Christi Walter can’t seem to get away from the game of hockey. With a hockey-crazed family, Christi’s childhood memories usually include long hours inside a rink. CONTINUE

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