HEROS Online

HEROS-Online HEROS is proud to present One Million Skates – an online hockey lifestyle magazine. Here you can join us in celebrating the history and tradition of the great game of hockey. We feature inspiring editorial content, practical lifestyle information and unique tools and resources to help players and their families, coaches, associations and communities experience the most rewarding hockey experience possible. One Million Skates has three unique and distinct editorial departments: On the Fly and Insider’s Edge and HEROS On Ice. On the Fly features articles relevant to the unique hockey family lifestyle. It covers topics from high performance nutrition, practical time management, tips and ideas for unique off-ice activities and memorable “après hockey” leisure pursuits and even delves into hot button topics and controversial subjects that affect players and the minor hockey community. Tapping into the technical side of hockey, Insider’s Edge focuses on player and skill development, technical information, sports parenting and insights from subject experts and industry professionals. Through articles, tips stories and videos, leading experts, including sports parenting professionals, medical specialists, sports dieticians, psychologists and trainers, as well as professional players, coaches and administrators chime in on the insights to the game. HEROS On Ice features stories about HEROS’ participants volunteers, events and milestones. Readers will learn more about the programs offered by HEROS and understand the great value and influence HEROS programs have on some of Canada’s most vulnerable youth. HEROS news and organizational events will be covered at HEROS On Ice as they happen.