HEROS Positive Impact on Youth

Today’s youth are faced with very difficult challenges. Social media, school demands, interacting with their peers and unreal expectations of success are challenges that previous generations may not have had to deal with on the same level. Youth who are at a disadvantage, either from a difficult personal situation or development challenge, experience even greater challenges. More organizations are utilizing sport as a means to create true and positive impacts in the lives of at risk youth to help combat the difficult situations they face.

HEROS President/Founder Norm Flynn was recently interviewed by BCIT News to discuss the positive impact that sport plays in the development of at-risk youth. Norm emphasized that the HEROS program teaches resiliency, and that some are born with it and others need to develop it. HEROS provides a safe environment for kids to learn and explore who they are and develop into upstanding adults.

For the full profile and interview please visit BCIT News 

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