Becoming A Leader of Tomorrow

November can easily be the most stressful and physically draining months of the season requiring a brotherhood amongst the team that motivates players to play at their fullest potential. Culver Academies’ Hockey Program believes that every player plays a large role as a leader and role model on and off the ice regardless of the circumstances thus captains are not usually assigned.

Having a group of players that are motivated and ready to make the necessary steps to achieve the next level is essential in a team’s development. I feel as though Culver has exactly that! There are obviously the players that play a larger role on the ice, but the for the most part everyone manages to motivate each other in a positive manner.

My first experience with Culver’s Hockey Program was an indefinite eye opener that gave me the opportunity to watch, learn, and act on what it takes to be an effective leader. Having the opportunity to watch two of my buddies lead the team on and off the ice gave me the motivation to try and be a better leader and person in the vicinity of the ice rink and in the classroom. I really do appreciate the hard work these two have put in and I continually watch them closely to enhance my leadership role.

What really set my two buddies from the rest of the team was the endless drive to make a difference. They both worked hard at giving the team positive motivation despite the score or emotions on the bench. On the ice during practices they made sure that drills were being executed at top speed with crisp accuracy and attention to details. Off the ice they keep the room in an extremely positive state that helped us prepare mentally for games and practices. Their hard work in class reflected their attitudes on the ice, which inevitably translated to other players including me.

Having leaders on the team, in my opinion has to be the best tools of success. Without a strong leadership core you can’t have a strong led team, which can transpire into poor performance.

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Jonathan Irving currently plays hockey at Culver Military Academy in Indiana, U.S.A. Joining Culver because of their stellar education, Irving is balancing life as a student-athlete while living away from his home in Canada. CONTINUE

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