Become Your Own Slump-Buster!

Most people who know me, also know I’m generally a renewable energy source, but even I can get into a bit of a slump at times. Actually as I’ve described it to other people, it’s usually a gradual thing, which we don’t pay much attention to, until we’re in deep. We have a lot going on and we’re not really “present”, being pulled both mentally and physically, so we slide every so slightly into a rut. Something then slows us down just a bit more, so we don’t see and feel things the same way. By the time the slump comes you’re feeling the full weight of the world and then you’re searching for tools to get you “unstuck,” check out the free app ( for interesting immediate feedback. 

Before the big “S” happens here are a couple of simple things you can put in to play in order to avoid the slump, increase your energy and find new solutions and paths. 

1. Acknowledge First; are you are starting to feel less chipper about the prospect of that project, practice or work you have to do? Recognize it and then ask yourself, why? Is there a person you need to speak with, the physical surroundings adjusted, or could it be how organized you are? If you can break it down to individual pieces you can start to put little changes in place that make a difference. Can you read something new, follow someone cool, or add some other change to your regular routine, which adds new insights that might help you flex? This can have a huge impact on your outlook. Most of us simply wait too long, until we’re well into the trench before we try to work our way out.

2. Relaxation and de-stress tools; most of us think of this skill as something that takes a long time to master or associate it with elite athletes or yogis. Practices like visualization, imagining where you’re headed and what the details might look like along the way, are simple ways to clear the cobwebs from our cluttered mind.

One de-stress exercise that’s easy to learn and practice is to imagine yourself waiting for a train. While you wait for it, pack up every concern you have into it’s own personal box, with tape and a bow. When the train enters the station pack the boxes on it and then watch them ride off into the sunset until they’ve disappeared. You’d be amazed at how much lighter you feel, and that lightness often allows you to start recharging your battery, and begin finding new ways to tackle the very challenges you’ve just sent off.

No matter what direction you decide to take, the key is to find one small edge to grab onto and then pull it firmly towards you, so you can begin to create an action and the energy you deserve. 

About The Author

Lynn Oucharek is a creative learning strategist and founder of O Vision Consulting. Over the past 17 years her focus has been on opening doors to creativity and innovation for individuals and organizations, inspiring people from five to 75 to do the “great work” they were meant to do. She utilizes her degrees in psychology...CONTINUE.

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