Celebrating 20 years of making a difference

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Hockey Education Reaching Out Society (HEROS) is a volunteer driven charity that uses the game of hockey to teach life-skills and empower marginalized youth. HEROS was founded in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver and provides free programs to youth of all backgrounds from grade four level right up to post-secondary. We provide opportunities for personal growth through sport training, educational development, and scholarships guiding participants to become constructive citizens and future community leaders. Since 2000, we have helped almost 10,000 boys and girls across Canada.

Your generous donation will support a HERO in your community, including but not limited to:

* weekley ice sessions
* free equipment
* on and off-ice coaching
* mentorship development
* community events
* nutritional programs
* educational assistance
* seasonal award celebrations
* scholarship opportunities
* …and so much more!

Your contribution will be life altering for a deserving HERO and will make a significant difference in your life knowing that you are a HERO too.